Metan Development Group in major partnership with Shandong Film & TV Group Corporation

Metan Development Group Shandong Film & TV Group Corporation

Los Angeles – Shandong Film & TV Group Corporation has entered into a multi-faceted partnership with Metan Development Group (Metan). Metan will provide production and development consulting for Shandong’s current Chinese productions. Additionally, Metan will represent Shandong’s interests in co-productions with Western companies for international films shot in China and co-productions of Western television formats in the country. Metan will also represent Shandong’s programs to Western brands for advertising and sponsorship opportunities. As part of the agreement, Shandong TV channels will carry Metan’s original programming. Metan and Shandong’s first major co-production, Golden Mountain, will depict the epic stories that occurred in both China and the USA during the important historical period over 150 years ago. The multi-year, drama series follows two Chinese families that settled in the US in the 1850s during the Gold Rush, later to become part of the large Chinese contingent that helped build the Central Pacific Railway from Sacramento to Ogden, California. The 120 part series will feature 40, one-hour episodes per year for three years and will be shot in both China and the US. As the Western co-producer, Metan will handle the US side of the production and sponsorship sales. Golden Mountain will debut in early 2011, during primetime on CCTV Channel 1 (rebroadcast on CCTV-8).

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