Maybe it’s simply down to significant cross-promotion across myriad cable channels, but the boundaries of genre seem to be becomingincreasingly blurred. Trailers for shows about ‘survivors’ in the jungle, ghost-hunters and real pirates of the Caribbean seem more suitedto general-entertainment and movie channels than the pillar channels of the factual entertainment space. Shows about strange facts and occurrences almost beyond credibility, or the limits to which the human body can be pushed, might seem more at home on channels within the gen-ent camp. And there seem to be people investigating crime scenes on, well, a plethora of gen-ent cable channels from Hallmark, STAR World, and AXN, through to BBC Entertainment and FOXCrime. And that’s not forgetting factual forensic shows on the likes of Discovery Channel and the Crime & Investigation Network. So is the factual space taking its lead from the fictional, or do many cult and high-rating genent shows have their provenance in the infotainment genre?