Tokyo – Almost 10 million people, or about 10% of Japanese cell phone users, will be watching One Seg distribution of digital terrestrial TV signals by this summer as sales of 3G cell phones capable of receiving digital signals more than doubled in February over January, totaling about 5 million, according to Japan Electronics Information and Technology Association (JEITA). One Seg, meaning one of the 13 segments of digital terrestrial broadcasting frequencies used for distribution to cell phones, was launched in April 2006 by all three cell phone carriers. KDDI expects more than 70% of all cell phones sold each month will be One Seg models. So far, TV signals received by One Seg terminals are all from digital terrestrial broadcasting, using the same programmes and commercials: thus there are no additional revenue streams for broadcasters. But by the end of 2008 programmes proprietary to One Segare expected to be decontrolled, creating new business opportunities.