SingaporeVOD provider Anytime will launch Anytime Absolute, an end-to-end broadband TV technical solution providing distribution, content management, commerce, and customer support abilities for use with Anytime’s VOD service across Asia Pacific.

Anytime Absolute is the result of Anytime’s collaboration with four technology, network infrastructure and e-commerce providers. Akamai offers an interactive storefront with media and software downloads. Entriq manages the pay media infrastructure in customer support, protection for VOD content, and pricing and packaging. WebSideStory offers on-demand digital marketing applications including web analytics, site search, web content management and keyword bid management. WorldPay provides real-time transaction processing for the VOD service.

Anytime’s proprietary Content Management System integrates with Anytime Absolute enable content owners to deliver multimedia content for revenue. The Intel Viiv technology helps connect the PC and TV to allow users to access, manage and share digital content.

Anytime TV will initially be available to Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Korea and Taiwan, followed by other markets in Asia Pacific.