Content owners are learning that mobile phones represent new revenue opportunities – but also new risks. The maturity of rich media on mobile handsets coincides with the launch of legitimate media services on the Internet, and content owners are eager to avoid past mistakes experienced with music piracy. Increasingly valuable content (in the form of TV shows and movies) are being sold for use on portable devices. With the rise in mobile content value, comes a need for better content and revenue protection. According to content security specialists Irdeto, requirements are emerging for content protection that is (i) more secure, (ii) more manageable and flexible and even (iii) appropriate for use over multiple types of networks. “One of the significant issues with broadcast networks is that content is widely distributed to a large audience. In a point-to-point content distribution system, the value to a pirate of breaching the system is to gain access to single piece of content which may be worth a few dollars. In the case of broadcast a breach of the system enables the pirate to tap into a revenue stream of tens of millions of dollars a month for a