Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)

Broadcasting since December 1991, SBS has had a relatively short yet successful history; successfully strengthening its stance and differentiating itself as Korea’s only private terrestrial broadcaster with a nationwide network. SBS was awarded Winner Terrestrial Channel of the Year at ATA 2006.


Lee, Woong-Mo
Executive Director,
Documentary & Cultural Programs, SBS

“I believe winning the Channel of the Year Award is very special in that SBS’ effort to produce simply the best is recognized by not only Korean audience, but also industry peers in the Asian region. As a commercial broadcaster, we believe ratings and viewership should be taken into account in the judging – as one of many criteria to be considered, since high rating/viewership reflects the fact that a huge effort was made to deliver the message and theme of the program to its audience more efficiently. Although not limited to Asia, time constraint and limited budget are major challenges faced by most producers. What matters in TV production is whether there exists an efficient system to support creativity of the producers and directors. As the border between broadcasting and telecommunications blurs, the industry faces drastic changes with the shrink of so-called traditional broadcasting. It could be another challenge that looms large.”