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03 Jun 2020

Tag: OTT


The war between OTT and Pay-TV 

Best practices for pay-TV providers to win the
war through personalised experiences. Digitalsmiths, a TiVo company and the leader in content discovery technology and analytics, obviously has strong
theories on what is causing phenomenal changes and how these trends can be halted or, better yet, reversed.
Digitalsmiths shares its quarterly findings with Television Asia Plus.

Asia Pacific Broadcasting 

The convergence of linear and IP delivered content has led the majority of media enterprises, especially premium media asset owners, to adopt a multi-platform distribution approach. Traditionally, legacy digital technology stacks (both shared and internal) for content production and distribution have been utilised for the repurposing of content on multiple screens. 

SNL Kagan’s Wangxing Zhao Analyst, Asia-Pacific, Media and Communications expert says that the media consumption landscape is changing rapidly, with viewers moving from static TV sets to dynamic interactive content services such as VOD, OTT, IPTV, Smart TV, and internet-connected companion devices. These next-generation viewers not only prefer highly tailored content and advertising campaigns but also consume media on multiple devices. K. Dass reports.

Video streaming gaining popularity in Taiwan 

Taiwan’s media scene has changed significantly since the beginning of the internet era. According to Nielsen Taiwan, only 18% of its population had access to the internet daily in 2000. But by 2015, 79% of its population of 23.3 million are connected. Television still remains the most popular platform for receiving news, but this viewership has declined from 93% to 88% in 2000. Still, pay-TV is increasingly saturated with the focus shifted to more on-demand services.