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11 Apr 2020

Category: Tradeshows


CASBAA, 25 years in the making 

All the major players catering to Asia-Pacific’s ever-growing pay-TV base (cable operators, satellite, channels, IPTV, OTT and VR platforms, streaming service etc) are expected to pack their luggage and arrive at Studio City Resort and Casino complex in Macau for CASBAA’s 25th birthday party. Christopher Slaughter tells K. Dass what you will miss if you don’t make it to the party.


The New Television: The Value of Content 

Industry futurists focus on the evolution of content ownership and aggregation—indeed content remains key. However the emergence of a new online and mobile content value chain has transformative effects on the entire content value chain. This MIPCOM introductory session, based on the “Value of Content” report from Boston Consulting Group and Liberty Global, sets the scene for this year’s programme. What is the future option for content industry players? K. Dass reports.

Japan takes center stage 

Watching Ultra HD 4K content—with 2,160 lines of vertical definition—on an Ultra HD 4K TV set is impressive. But 8K—four times the total pixel—is so incredibly realistic that it feels like you are looking through a window into real life. What is immediately striking is that the image is so crisp that it is even possible to distinguish the leaves on the trees in the background. Rather than making the image seem flat, the clarity gives the picture a depth hitherto unseen on digital projections. The colours are also magnificent. The whites and blacks are also stunning. This brilliantly demonstrates Japanese science and technology in broadcasting.


Japanese screen for the world 

Known for its eccentric and fresh television content, the land of the rising sun is bursting with them in every prefecture. This June, Japan’s largest comprehensive trade show is back with six different ongoing exhibitions, specialising in various products, technology and services for the entertainment content business. By Megan Khaw.


Chinese market for global audience 

One of the largest TV festivals in East Asia, the Shanghai TV Festival (STVF) incorporates a content market, forum and an award show with more than 20 years of brand-building. STVF brings together content providers and buyers alike to the Chinese TV market. By Megan Khaw.


Asian OTT playing fields 

According to a new report published by Media Partners Asia (MPA), Asia Pacifi c online video revenue is expected to
reach US$35 billion by 2021, an average annual growth of 22% from US$13 billion in 2016. China will remain the
largest market, accounting for 76% of Asia Pacifi c online video revenue by 2021. Japan, Australia, Korea and India
will also be signifi cant, in aggregate accounting for 17% of regional online video revenue by 2021. K. Dass reports
from APOS, Bali.