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17 Feb 2020

Category: Technology


The war between OTT and Pay-TV 

Best practices for pay-TV providers to win the
war through personalised experiences. Digitalsmiths, a TiVo company and the leader in content discovery technology and analytics, obviously has strong
theories on what is causing phenomenal changes and how these trends can be halted or, better yet, reversed.
Digitalsmiths shares its quarterly findings with Television Asia Plus.

Keith Budge

Global Video Index 

The Millennials are changing the viewing patterns across many devices; according to analysts. They are the cord never, the mobile-first generation and former pirates driving this global phenomenon. And this is almost universal across many regions – essentially the same – at least when it comes to mobile devices and the video they watch on them. Millennials are a distinctly global generation, sharing more similarities than generations before them, and they’re driving us to a digital homogeneity that is distinctly mobile. Ooyala’s Keith Budge, Vice President and General Manager, Asia-Pacific and Japan shares his views in this global video index with Television Asia.


Primetime on Toggle 

What started off as a mere catch-up TV is today a leading online video-streaming platform people are flocking to. Anil Nihalani, Head of Connected Media at Mediacorp, has been working on this project since 2014, sourcing for programmes, cutting innovative deals with internal/external vendors and content suppliers, breaking down windows and creating new ones and, most recently, commissioning Toggle original programming for comedy, thriller and drama, in both short form and long form. K. Dass slice-down Toggle’s developments.


The perfect mix of entertainment 

intuiTV delivers the best of television and internet TV, enabling pay-TV providers to reach a new generation of viewers while giving subscribers an all-in-one 4K viewing experience that gives them greater variety and choice. It is offered to pay-TV operators as a managed cloud-based platform they can configure with a full line-up of premium content and advanced TV services including Live TV, VOD, SVOD, PVR, social TV and more via an innovative streaming device and touch-screen remote-control. Simon Trudelle, NAGRA’s Senior Product Marketing Director sums up intuiTV offerings to K. Dass.



Social media has taken over the world by storm. With its current impact on users worldwide, television broadcasters are integrating social media into its programmes to maximise and enhance viewer experience. Cheryl Soh speaks to Twitter’s Rishi Jaitly, VP, Media, Asia-Pacific & Middle East on the opportunities it has created for broadcasters globally.


Bridging technology 

The rapid evolution of today’s audience consumption habits are resulting in an increase of fragmented viewers. Digital media has become a huge part of our lives, in the form of social media to the way we consume traditional media. Cheryl Soh speaks to Debbie Lee, Founder and CEO of Tech Storm, the consumer technology and entrepreneurship media platform that has grown rapidly in less than two years.


Heads up in the cloud 

As one of the worldwide leaders in IT, Cisco helps companies to connect the previously unconnected. Introducing its latest cloud technology, the Infi nite suite of solutions is a game changer that will give greater fl exibility and cost-saving for its customers. Cheryl Soh speaks to Dr. Ken Morse, CTO of Video Software and Solutions at Cisco.

Put Programmatic TV to Work for You Today 

Ooyala helps deliver content that connects. A U.S.-based subsidiary of Telstra, Ooyala’s comprehensive suite of offerings includes one of the world’s largest premium video platforms and a leading ad serving solution. Built with superior analytics capabilities and a strong commitment to customers’ success, Ooyala’s industry-leading end-to-end solutions help large-scale broadcasters, operators, media companies, enterprises and brands build more engaged and more profi table audiences. Some of the most successful and innovative media companies in the world rely on Ooyala’s solution.