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04 Apr 2020

Category: Managing Asia-Pacific

FOX+ takes on Asia 

With a commitment to satisfying curiosity and entertaining viewers with high-end programming, FOX Networks Groups
Asia has grown from the fl agship channels it once launched to a leading Asia-Pacifi c programmer whose portfolio of
content reaches thousands of cumulative subscribers around the region. As its President, Zubin Gandevia tells K. Dass,
“FOX has now extended its play and gone deeper at the individual level with FOX+, offering consumers content at their
own convenience.”

Unique Drama is a Key Selling Point 

Globally, every TV outlet, digital or otherwise, is looking for the next big drama. And audience demand for engaging,
quality scripted programming has never been so high.
Mediacorp’s programming is in demand abroad but who is buying and where is the market heading? K. Dass checks with
Suzie Wang, Head of Content Distribution, Mediacorp Studios about how they are serving the rising appetite for drama
series across the region.

Managing Asia-Pacific

Reaching the masses in APAC region 

With everyone producing some sort of content today – even user-generated content (UGC), some industry executives have predicted the bubble will soon burst with an oversupply of irrelevant content. Sony Pictures International, on the other hand, is offering different strokes to different folks in the Asia-Pacific region with its potpourri of shows such as Imaginary Mary (13x 30), Timeless (16 x 60) and The Halcyon (8 x 60) across all platforms. Ken Lo, SVP of Sony’s International Distribution sees a bullish market in the region and attributes it to the high quality of the content that Sony takes pride in producing over the years. K. Dass reports from MIPCOM 2016.

CEO Profile

Outstanding Contribution to Asian Television 

Asian Television Awards honours KBS President & CEO Ko Dae-young

Ko rose from a KBS TV reporter at the press room to the president suite as Korean Broadcasting System’s President and CEO. His calculated entrepreneurial spirit and remarkable business accomplishments have greatly influenced the growth of the entertainment industry throughout the region.

KBS maintains its reputation as the nation’s most trusted source of news and information. Its high quality documentaries and especially its dramas have swept across the shores of almost every single country in the region, even increasingly beyond. KBS is currently investing heavily to lead the next-generation in television broadcasting and media services. It aims to become the world’s first to launch terrestrial UHDTV broadcasting. KBS Chief speaks to K. Dass.


TV encounter without time constraints – Cheong Shin Keong 

As a continuation of achievement of the myTV platform, TVB’s OTT broadcast business is expected to further enrich both the genre and quantity of the present programme pool. TVB’s Cheong Shin Keong, Executive Director and General Manager ensures a provision of diverse, convenient and high quality personalised TV encounter where entertainment programmes worldwide will be incorporated into the OTT broadcast service platform. K. Dass reports from APOS, Bali.


One on one with Reed Hastings 

Netflix has pledged to spend US$6 billion on content this year at the Asia-Pacific Video Operators Summit (APOS) in Bali. Its co-founder and CEO, Reed Hastings said, “There’s an incredible opportunity for us if we can produce the right content. We have a very broad range of consumers, and a very broad range of content. This ability to match people with the content that they like best is very important to the system, and has been from the very beginning. It’s a huge area of investment for us.” K. Dass reports from APOS, Bali.