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22 Feb 2020

Category: CEO Profile

Making Headlines 

CNBC, the world’s leading business and financial news network has built a successful business by identifying audience niches and reaching them on television, digital and mobile platforms. The network has a vast portfolio of digital products which deliver real-time financial market news and information across a variety of platforms.
Creativity is not only pervasive in the development of its business and finance segments; it is also a hallmark of many of CNBC’s deals. In 2016, China’s State Council Information Office (SCIO) engaged CNBC Catalyst, the in-house commercial agency to develop a campaign highlighting China’s priorities for the G20 Summit. CNBC’s Catalyst delivered a 60-second and a 90-second videos titled G20, China Join in, to showcase the 2016 G20 host nation’s aim.
Heading the exceptional business and financial news network is KC Sullivan, President & Managing Director of CNBC International. KC Sullivan tells K. Dass about the company’s direction and its opportunities and business models.

‘Think global, act local’ 

Keshet Media Group is the media conglomerate that encompasses Keshet Broadcasting, producing hours upon hours of programming for one of Israel’s biggest networks, Channel 2 as well as licensing it to numerous international VOD and linear outlets. Keshet Broadcasting has consistently dominated ratings and market share, with daily TV reaching 70% of households and an average prime time share of 38%.
Beyond Israel, however, Keshet’s international presence is expanding with a successful global acquisition, distribution and production arm, Keshet International (KI). Alon Shtruzman sits at the helm of the mega-content-creation and distribution factory, seeking opportunity for content to start life outside of Israel and is looking to expand KI’s portfolio in Asia. K. Dass reports.

French Style in Asia 

Ever since the launch of Style HD in 2015, the French
finesse channel has resonated with viewers in Asia.
TV5Monde‘s Alexandre Muller (MD, APAC) tells K. Dass
the potpourri of French art of living content has become
the home of cutting-edge, modern shows with originals
productions and partners’ contents.

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Infocomm Media Footprint 

The Asian film and television industry has seen strong growth, rising prominence, and international recognition of its talent and content. The newly-formed Singapore’s Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) was established to keep pace with the growth in Asia and the rest of the world, further harnessing the opportunities arising from media convergence to spur new innovations in the media technology. Reputations are hard won and easily lost in the business world, yet many would argue that IMDA’s CEO Gabriel Lim has already achieved quasi-legendary status. Gabriel took over as Chief of MDA in 2015. By the end of 2016, he has amicably merged the info-communications and media arms of the country. IMDA’s Chief, Gabriel Lim, spells out his mantra for the industry as he tells K. Dass why the convergence was crucial and the opportunities ahead.

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Outstanding Contribution to Asian Television 

Asian Television Awards honours KBS President & CEO Ko Dae-young

Ko rose from a KBS TV reporter at the press room to the president suite as Korean Broadcasting System’s President and CEO. His calculated entrepreneurial spirit and remarkable business accomplishments have greatly influenced the growth of the entertainment industry throughout the region.

KBS maintains its reputation as the nation’s most trusted source of news and information. Its high quality documentaries and especially its dramas have swept across the shores of almost every single country in the region, even increasingly beyond. KBS is currently investing heavily to lead the next-generation in television broadcasting and media services. It aims to become the world’s first to launch terrestrial UHDTV broadcasting. KBS Chief speaks to K. Dass.

Jorgen Madsen Lindemann
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Modern Time’s Jorgen 

Given the economics of broadcasting today, a broadcaster must do more than produce shows that satisfy audience. The quest these days is to make hits that can be exported, available on multiple platforms, localise content and generate additional revenue. As Jorgen Madsen Lindemann, President & CEO of Modern Times Group MTG AB, a Stockholm-based and OMX Nasdaq listed global digital video entertainment group, maintains, his first master to be served: quality content. K. Dass reports.

Rialto’s Director, Roger Wyllie
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Kiwi channel’s Roger Wyllie 

New Zealand’s Rialto channel debuts in 11 countries in the region with an estimated reach of 186 million households by 2017. Rialto’s Director, Roger Wyllie said the new documentary channel will comprise approximately 20 per cent New Zealand content with the rest coming from the U.S., Britain and Asia, along with local content from the region. K. Dass reports.

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Seeking the next big thing 

BBC’s David Weiland, responsible for worldwide businesses across Asia – India, China, Northeast Asia – Japan, Korea and the whole of Southeast Asia tells K. Dass about the new BBC Player. A new authenticated multi-genre SVOD service that will allow viewers to watch the very best BBC programmes anytime, anywhere online, as well as via an app on their smartphones and tablets.

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Lindy Wee, Singapore Exhibition Services – Staying on top of the game with innovations, solutions and content 

The digital evolution has changed the broadcast and communications world fervently, forcing industry players to move with the trend, serving the industry in a more highly innovative way. Broadcast equipment, solutions and content have taken a drastic change to remain competitive in today’s entertainment world. BroadcastAsia and CommunicAsia have completely evolved, taking the industry into a new era in time. The organiser, Lindy Wee, Chief Executive Officer at Singapore Exhibition Services, shades some light on this year’s event with K.Dass.

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Alexandre Muller, TV5Monde – French TV broadcaster is staying focused on delivering high-quality shows 

With a commitment to satisfy curious and entertaining viewers with high-end programming, TV5MONDE has grown from a flagship channel launched in 1984 in Europe to a leading global programmer whose portfolio of networks reaches some 300 million homes in 200 countries globally. The Managing Director of TV5MONDE, Alexandre Muller, one of the world’s largest networks, explains to Television Asia’s K. Dass, offering content today means providing it on all platforms and devices.