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24 Jan 2021

Author: TVA Editor


An expected 12,000 professionals will arrive at MIPTV hoping to win some of the expected US$4 billion worth of business. Television Asia hears from the selling end at the annual audiovisual and digital content fiesta in Cannes

Taboo TV 

Everyone knows that sex sells, and while it’s available on the streets of many an Asian city, the legal distribution of adult content is still a long way off in many markets. But, asks Magz Osborne, what opportunities do new media platforms hold for adult entertainment?

The Death of Primetime? 

With the proliferation of time- and place-shifting technologies, viewers are watching TV when and where they want to, outside the confines of network-dictated schedules. How, asks Magz Osborne, is this impacting ‘primetime’ and what are the challenges for advertisers and ad-supported channels?