Altitude Factual and BirdDog Media have joined forces to produce CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, a 13 x 30 minute series on unique relationships between people and animals in their natural habitats around the world.

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS reveals the journeys of extraordinary individuals who have put their hearts, minds and energies into developing connections with animals in the wild – from dolphins to platypus, sharks to dugongs, pangolins and bears.

One on one, they’ve discovered things about the way that animals feel and think that science has yet to fully understand. And these wildlife encounters have often changed the course of their lives.

This leading-edge series also brings to light the surprising opportunities for inter-species communication on our own planet, without having to look to the stars in the hope of making contact.

Executive Produced by Paul Sowerbutts (Head of Altitude Factual) and Clark Bunting (Executive Chair, BirdDog Media Ventures) and produced by Stephen Ellis (President & CEO, BirdDog Media ventures) and Jeremy Bradshaw (Head of Natural History for Altitude Factual) this new series will break new ground in character-led wildlife production.

Filming on CLOSE ENCOUNTERS will commence in Autumn 2021.

Paul Sowerbutts, Head of Altitude Factual commented, “This series takes a very fresh look at truly close, intimate relationships between humans and wild animals and has very high-quality natural history filming.  We know the global audience has a desire to explore a closer contact with nature and this series will take them there in locations across the planet.”

Stephen Ellis, President of BirdDog Media, observed, “We’re delighted to be teaming up with our long time industry colleagues at Altitude Factual to create a next-level audience experience at a time of re-kindling relationships post-pandemic.”