Compact Media, the leading audio-visual secondary rights (AVSR) management company for film and TV producers, announced the formation of its Compact Data division and launched the world’s first-of-its-kind A.I. rights monitoring and broadcast tracking system, MRIT (Media Rights International Transmissions).

Designed using Compact Media’s vast film and television industry knowledge developed over 25 years, MRIT is the in-house analyst and profit maximization tool providing rights holders in-depth reports and analysis in a secure platform.

MRIT is a propriety global online portal that helps content owners maximize revenue by enabling users to monitor their licenses to global broadcasters and speed up their revenue pipelines and cash receipts in an increasingly complex rights management world. MRIT delivers state-of-the-art visual reporting of broadcast data to subscribers. MRIT is populated by A.R.I.A. (Artificial Retrieval Intelligence Assistant), Compact Data’s proprietary data learning tool that searches, validates, and populates the system, drawing upon best-in-class Big Data principles. 

Currently tracking more than 420 channels worldwide, MRIT allows media companies to access crucial data powered by A.R.I.A., enabling them to track key licensing metrics including the number of broadcasts of a licensed show, the amount of time left on a show’s licensed run, the number of shows running in the correct time slot, the number of transmissions left on each contract and if additional license fees are due thereby collecting more cash faster.

MRIT also enables subscribers to track third party works and access vital business intelligence, such as enabling distributors to determine what content competitors are selling, where and in which time slots, as well as estimating license fee revenues. Producers can also discover where similar shows to their own slate are broadcasting and over what time periods, bolstering their development process and due diligence analysis.