Harbour Rights licensed a package of 40-hour titles to pay-TV True Visions in Thailand. The package includes Flavors 16×52’ – latest episodes of our 4K flagship travel series that shows the beauty of the world’s most beloved destinations; French Delicatessen 30×26’ follows a 3-star chef, Guy Martin on his quest to search for the best products all over France.

The deal also includes the wildlife titles – Mamma Giraffe, 1×52’, Fear on the Savannah 1×52’ & Komodo: Sex and Dragons 1×52’ featuring every day lives and survival strategies of wild animals in Africa as well as Indonesia.

Meanwhile, TVB in Hong Kong picked up the latest episodes of the 4K gastronomy series Masters of Savours  5×52’ as well as When We Play 5×46’. The former is a worldwide culinary ingredients exploration, from vineyards to deep forests, we discover authentic lifestyles and stunning landscapes where modest plants are transformed into exceptional food. When We Play 5×46’ is a series of in-depth examination of how playgrounds affect the communities they are built for and reflect on the urban environments in various Asian cities.

With HKTDC FILMART Online 2021 just around the corner, Harbour Rights will also be releasing two Hollywood movie stars biographies: Bruce Willis The Unbreakable 1×52’, from comedy to action movies his story told through more than a hundred roles and Leonardo DiCaprio: Most Wanted!  1×52′ the story of a prodigy with big dreams and contradictions.

Away from the spotlight comes another life story documentary:  Sir Winton’s 669 Children 1×52’ which reveals the extraordinary rescue operation of 669 Jewish children from Czechoslovakia to London on the eve of World War II, by young British banker Sir Winton who remained a very discreet hero most of life.