Stuck in Singapore and in the same group of five you’ve been seeing since phase 2? We know. Here are five ways you can travel to Korea and China this festive season with your friends.  

It’s always better to be watching the office drama from the sidelines, and you can do so with Hush, which stars Im Yoon-ah and Hwang Jung-min. Travel back in time to China and Korea with period dramas such as The World of Fantasy (that stars Fan Chengcheng and Cheng Xiao) and Royal Secret Agent (helmed by Kim Myung-soo, Kwon Na-ra, and Lee Yikyung).  All three shows are originals and exclusive to iQIYI.

If you have a penchant for reality TV shows, don’t miss out on FOURTRY – a Chinese reality show starring Show Luo’s former muse and Chinese influencer, Grace Chow, Liu Yuxin of THE9, William Chan, Ouyang Nana, and Fan Chengcheng. Last, the popular talent show, Youth with You, (Yes, the one featuring BlackPink’s Lisa as a strict dance mentor) which has broken viewing records on iQIYI, is returning for its third season.

All shows are available to watch for free on the iQIYI app and


Release date: Streaming now

A group of celebrity friends gets together in Chengdu to run a fashion boutique. See how these celeb fashionistas grapple with real business challenges while running their trendy boutique. Viewers will be amused by their quirky humour, entertained by their dazzling styles as these celebrities assume characters that are close to their individual identities in life.

FOURTRY is a modern Chinese reality TV show starring Show Luo’s former muse and Chinese influencer, Grace Chow; Liu Yuxin of THE9, William Chan, Ouyang Nana, and Fan Chengcheng, whose sister is top Chinese actress Fan Bingbing. If anything, FOURTRY is worth the watch – even if it’s solely for its ensemble cast of stellar celebrities!


hush iqiyi
Courtesy of iQIYI

Release date: 11 December 2020, every Friday & Saturday, 22:00, same time as Korea, exclusively on iQIYI

We’re often caught at a crossroads of life, and it’s no different for the characters in Hush, starring Im Yoon-ah and Hwang Jung-min. 

Adapted from the novel “Silent Warning”, iQIYI’s original blockbuster production, Hush, tells the story of a veteran newspaper reporter, Han Jun-hyeok (played by Hwang Jung-min), who became a reporter in the pursuit of justice. Soon, he finds himself caught between survival and his conscience.

Hush is a workplace drama that exposes the ugly side of human nature – a drama that will surely resonate with all the OLs out there. Watch to find out how things get shaken up with the addition of Lee Ji-su (played by Im Yoon-ah), a bold and feisty intern reporter who rarely bites her tongue.

The World of Fantasy

the world of fantasy iqiyi
Courtesy of iQIYI

Release date: 20 January 2021

The World of Fantasy is a highly-anticipated blockbuster drama featuring two famous young stars, Fan Chengcheng and Cheng Xiao of South Korean-Chinese girl group, Cosmic Girls.

In this fantasy period drama, Qin Lie (played by Fan Chengcheng), a young man who suffers amnesia, sets out to unravel the truth of his birth and attain higher cultivation. Embroiled in a conspiracy, Qin Lie and his group of friends, including childhood sweetheart, Ling Yushi (played by Cheng Xiao), wade through challenges and journey to attain greater powers and guard the spirit realm that they are in.

Royal Secret Agent

royal secret agent iqiyi
Courtesy of iQIYI

Release date: 21 December 2020, every Mon & Tue, 20:30, same time as Korea, exclusively on iQIYI

Take a trip back in time with Royal Secret Agent, an epic historical drama featuring a star-studded cast helmed by popular Korean idols Kim Myung-soo, known professionally as L; Kwon Na-ra, last seen in the acclaimed show ‘Itaewon Class’; and Lee Yi-kyung. who had roles in ‘My Love from the Star’, ‘Descendants of the Sun’ and ‘Hotel Del Luna’.

Set at the end of the Joseon era, Royal Secret Agent tells the story of Sung Yi-gyeom (played by Kim Myung-soo), a smart delinquent whose punishment for his gambling vice is to work as a secret royal agent. He goes on an adventure to eradicate illegal acts committed by corrupt public officers with the help of his servant, Park Chun-sam (played by Lee Yi-kyung), along with Hong Da-in, a female inspector (played by Kwon Na-ra).

Youth with You 3

youth with you 3 iqiyi
Courtesy of iQIYI

Release date: January 2021 (TBC)

Returning for the third season this January, the popular talent show, Youth With You, will feature more than 100 male trainees as they compete for 9 coveted spots to debut as an idol group. The show offers a glimpse into the harsh world of idol trainees as they take on various dancing and singing tasks under the guidance of celebrity judges. Catch this show to witness how these talented trainees will win the hearts of both judges and fans alike, as the public gets a say in who will remain in the competition. 

The previous season, featuring celebrity judges such as K-pop sensation Lisa of Blackpink, Chinese singer-songwriter Cai Xukun, rapper Jony J, and Taiwanese singer Ella Chen, was one of the most popular programmes on iQIYI and has smashed viewing records. With more than 100 men vying for a place in our hearts, we’ll keep this show on the must-watch list of shows that are bound to tug at our heartstrings.