Entertainment platform Viddsee has partnered with TikTok to promote mental health awareness in the lead up to the Viddsee Juree Awards Singapore 2020 event.

The partnership will see TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile video, as the Social Community Partner for Viddsee’s Juree Awards Singapore 2020, an annual industry pick award celebrating the best short films from Singapore that is now in its third year running.

TikTok’s involvement to promote the event includes running a livestream of mental health short films on 19th and 20th November on TikTok and will cross-promote the films across TikTok and Viddsee.

The films to be live-screened on Viddsee’s TikTok channel.

19 November, 8:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.

1. Nichol Doesn’t Eat (Directed by Aloysius Ong)

2. Shopping Angels (Dir: Miguel Almagro)

3. What About Tomorrow? (Dir: Wenxin Lee)

4. I Don’t Want To Be A Hero (Dir: Kelvin Sng)

20 November, 8:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.

1. Catching The Sun (Dir: Mark Tan)

2. The Kitchlets (Dir: Clarisse Chua)

3. I Survived An Accident (Dir: Grace Tay)

4. Alone With Myself (Dir: Grace Song)

5. Colours (Dir: Don Aravind)

Derek Tan, co-founder of Viddsee said, “As a media platform, we know how powerful stories and films can be in bringing about a positive change in society. We see TikTok as an ideal partner that can engage with a wider base of youth audiences, who are no strangers to mental health issues such as depression, and anxiety, and negative peer pressure. Through our films and TikTok’s engagement with youth, we hope to raise awareness of these issues amongst our Singaporean audiences and filmmakers taking part in our Juree Awards this year.”

Doreen Tan, User and Content Operations Manager, TikTok said, “Our partnership with Viddsee underlines our commitment at TikTok in raising awareness as well as educating our users about mental health. As a digital platform, our role goes beyond just facilitating content sharing but also ensuring Singaporeans have a safe place on the platform for people to discover, be inspired, create, and connect. We live in an age where there are many new challenges, by tapping on these brilliant Juree Awards filmmakers, we shed light on one of the most neglected areas of public health.”

This is the second collaboration between Viddsee and TikTok in promoting the former’s Juree Awards. Its previous partnership saw TikTok as the Social Community Partner for the Viddsee Juree Awards Philippines 2020 in September, under which it also raised awareness for mental health issues through live-streaming short films curated by Viddsee.

TikTok has previously worked with other organisations across Asia and the world in spreading awareness of mental health issues, including collaborations with the Suicide Prevention India Foundation (SPIF) in 2019. In October this year, TikTok collaborated with the World Health Organisation, the World Federation for Mental Health, and United for Global Mental Health in promoting the “Move for mental health: Let’s invest challenge” campaign.