Passion Distribution has secured the rights to captivating new factual entertainment series Surviving The Stone Age: Adventure To The Wild (3 x 60’). Produced by Renegade Pictures and Motion Content Group for Channel 4 and is scheduled to premiere on Saturday, 7th November at 7:10 p.m.

In the series, a group of leading archaeology and primitive skills experts go on an epic journey deep into one of Europe’s last remaining wildernesses. Over one month, they attempt to follow in the footsteps of our Stone Age ancestors and survive as a tribe across the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria, South Eastern Europe.

To survive they need to hunt for food, build a shelter using only primitive tools and by working together, they uncover the secrets of the Stone Age.

Each expert has either practical or academic expertise in different aspects of the Stone Age world, but the route and environment is unfamiliar; the series will deliver the same challenges that our ancestors faced, demanding innovation and adaptability every step of the way.

Each episode showcases dramatic panorama, such as rivers and high alpine mountains, and charts the tribe’s immersive journey as they tackle challenging environments and extremes of weather without modern tools or clothing.

The series is produced by Natalie Wilkinson at Renegade Pictures and Melanie Darlaston at Motion Content Group and was acquired by Sean Wheatley, Head of Acquisitions at Passion Distribution.

Sean Wheatley said, “This series succeeds in combining a strong documentary sensibility with thrilling human drama. Visually spectacular, gritty, and authentic, the series delivers amazing revelations – it’s a truly spectacular way of learning about our past! We’re very excited to be distributing this series and its format from Renegade Pictures and Motion Content Group.”