COVID-19 is still on everyone’s lips, but the show must go on. With digital services becoming more and more accessible, and affordable, even in developing countries, the sports business has demonstrated it can still thrive despite the lack of personal engagement with live attendance.

With the above in mind, Singapore-based REBEL Fighting Championship (REBEL FC) reaches a step closer to its planned Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) reality show in China by welcoming yet another top executive to its already formidable sponsorship team. Wicky Wang, previously of City Football Group (CFG), joins REBEL FC as a senior sponsorship manager to boost its prospects of getting partners onboard for the reality show. CFG is best known for its ownership of the successful English football team, Manchester City FC.

On the global front, REBEL FC has signed a distribution deal with popular UK-based Video-on-Demand service, Channel Fight, that showcases mostly combat sports shows, martial-arts oriented instruction, and fight action documentaries. Channel Fight has the potential to reach 300 million homes worldwide via its distribution partners and REBEL FC’s deal will enable the promotion to access this wide reach.