In the midst of the pandemic, everyone looks to hone their cooking skills while staying home. To help spice up the eating-at-home routine, the Hong Kong and China Gas Company (Towngas) proudly launches its “top”-of-the-town Towngas Cooking YouTube Channel. With a celebrity chef ensemble sprinkling flame cooking ideas around, the professional culinary platform promises to kindle your interest in cooking and enrich your recipe collection — from casual cooking to gourmet dinner; local daily deli, Japanese, Korean, Thai cuisine, French pastry to even healthy and tasty veggie dishes — you name it, we have it!

Star chefs reveal secrets of flame cooking and share over 500 recipes

When it comes to keeping well, a healthy diet is just as vital as protective gear. With limited opportunities to dine out these days, it becomes particularly important to expand your repertoire of recipes. The Towngas Cooking YouTube Channel features your favourite celebrity chefs, including Chef Paul, Master Chow Chung, Swiss chef Jacques Kagi, French cuisine guru and Disciples Escoffier Professional Diploma graduate Joey Leung, celebrity mom Skye Chan, Super-Daddy Kay Ho, Star Doctor Marcus Kwok, YouTuber Portugal Story-Telling Chef John Rocha, and Warm-boy Chef Andy Dark — to name but a few — who will take turns to present professional cookery advice and demos on a daily basis. In addition to live instructions, these culinary maestros will share essential facts about foods, give pointers on handling ingredients and condiments, and reveal their best-hidden secrets of cooking! With a collection of over 500 simple recipes that will soon be presented one by one from now on, anyone can be a super chef!

A promising flame cooking platform where experts in various cuisines convene

When asked about the launch of the Towngas Cooking YouTube Channel, Towngas General Manager — Retail Marketing and Sales, Catherine Wong remarks, “Since the number of COVID-19 cases has fluctuated lately, many people prefer cooking at home over dining out. According to market research, there’s an exponential growth in searches for recipes. In response to the demand, Towngas launches our very own flame cooking platform Towngas Cooking YouTube Channel, where star chefs specializing in different cuisines convene. We have celebrity chefs, French cooking gurus, doctor, parenting experts, YouTubers, and many more, who are eager to share tips and advice on flame cooking, culinary inspirations, and innovative dishes. It promises to ignite your passion for cooking, sharpen your cooking skills, and fill your kitchen with delightful flavours! With our channel, anyone is just a few clicks from being a super chef!”