Getai veteran Wang Lei’s shows were put to a halt during the “Circuit Breaker” period that was implemented by the Singapore government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the economies of the whole world. Wang Lei decided to transform himself give it shot tapping on technology to sell fish and seafood via live streaming. His unreserved and comedic way of communication attracted the attention and following of many netizens and achieved exceedingly good sales and viewership results. He has since earned himself the title of “Fishmonger King” and created a brand for himself. Jack Neo, global CEO of AMM has since invited Wang Lei to be the brand’s first spokesman. Together, the duo will work hand-in-hand to battle for a share of voice in the digital marketplace.

Director Jack Neo and Wang Lei have known each other for decades. They were friends and working partners on many levels and over the years, Jack Neo has nurtured Wang Lei to be a top talent. From the start of circuit breaker, Wang Lei started online live stream selling, imported goods, broke sales records, and topped the sales chart. Whenever Jack Neo has a major project, Wang Lei has always been a strong supporter.

Earlier this year, director Jack Neo accepted the role to become global CEO of AMM and since then, has been aggressively venturing into the new media digital arena. Jack Neo took the opportunity to ride on “Fishmonger Wang” gaining popularity on the internet. Jack said: “After I became the CEO, Wang Lei has lent me a tremendous amount of support. Despite his rising popularity, he accepted my proposal instantly to become AMM’s first ambassador.”

In addition, Jack Neo also said ‘the company is concurrently producing multiple projects including several online multi-cultural dramas and movies. Live streaming is a popular format amongst many brands and consumers, especially during the pandemic. Appointing Wang Lei to be AMM’s ambassador can’t be any timelier and ideal. The partnership will be a win-win and this synergy will bring us to greater heights!”

Wang Lei shared that becoming AMM’s first ambassador is attributed to Jack Neo. They have worked together for more than 20 years and understand each other very well on many levels. When the invitation came, he accepted without any hesitation.

Wang Lei used the Reciprocal Green Lane to enter Malaysia recently. Within the fully packed nine days, he attended several events – live stream programmes, press conferences, and opening ceremonies. Despite his business, Wang Lei still hopes to participate in food or variety shows.

When asked what is another live stream product he would take up as a challenge, Wang Lei confidently exclaimed: “I have sold cars, bicycles, air-conditioners, the next challenge would be to sell condominiums because I am a “Live Stream Selling King!”

Jack Neo is considering introducing Wang Lei into the Taiwanese Live Stream market place through AMM. Many Taiwanese brands have expressed interest to work with Wang Lei. Besides, Director Jack Neo has also confirmed Wang Lei to cast in the film “The Story of the Fishmonger Wang” (tentative title). The storyline is mainly based on the. transformation of Wang Lei’s glamorous job to a fishmonger. The lead actor for the movie will be Wang Lei and actor Jaspers Lai, who is popular in both Malaysia and Singapore.

Jack Neo revealed that AMM’s slogan is “One Platform with multi-channels”. AMM’s future plans include building budding talents, allowing production companies and business organizations to develop innovative, creative ideas and new opportunities for the AMM platform: “Many talents have been undiscovered due to the lack of funding. AMM would like to help these talents and achieve a win-win collaboration to fulfill their dreams.”

Jack Neo encourages talented & creative individuals to download the AMM Mobile App, register as a user and share their creative ideas. As long as you have the talent, Director Jack Neo will recognise great ideas and is open to guide and help these budding new talents soar to greater heights.