Zealously fulfilling the promise of delivering unique content, ABP Network has been pioneering the most striking and inspirational stories of the nation. These special stories have also been touched upon by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in his discussions on social media or otherwise.

On the webinar of Pradhanmantri Matsya Sampada Yojana launch and #AtmaNirbharBharat conducted on 10th September,  Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi recognized ABP Asmita’s story on the ‘Crorepati Mahila’ of Banaskantha, Gujarat. Emphasizing on the principles of Atmanirbhar (self-reliance), Shri Narendra Modi applauded the hard work of these women.

On the 2nd September 2020, ABP Asmita had telecast an exclusive show Asmita Vishesh, about the ‘Crorepati Mahila’ of Banaskantha. The story of their hard work, zeal, and passion was highlighted on the show. These women have been managing their own animal husbandry and supplying milk to local dairies in the Banaskantha district of Gujarat. Over the years, these self-reliant micro-dairy owners have established business of crores and exist as an epitome of women empowerment.

This story was also carried by ABP News on their highly-acclaimed Morning Show, Namaste Bharat which has time and again, differentiated itself by transcending regular news narratives and commentaries on news channels. In fact, another heartening tale of a farmer, Jigyasu Singh was revealed on the show earlier this week.

Moreover, this story was also alluded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his Twitter, wherein he tweeted ABP News’ story clip on how Jigyasu Singh left his job to do farming. Lauding the efforts of Jigyasu Singh, he wrote, Efforts made by Jigyasu Singh from Bihar’s Sitamarhi were praiseworthy and would energise India with positive vibes. Congratulations to him. I hope youngsters learn from it.”

Lately, as television news has been making giant leaps from one conspiracy theory to another, ABP Network has been ardently chasing its mission to empower, inspire, and serve as the voice of the people. They have been persistently showcasing a compendium of stories that need to be heard by the people of the nation. Both the regional and national channels of the network have been proficiently undertaking issues of local and national importance via cutting-edge reportage.

On this approach, Mr. Avinash Pandey, CEO, ABP Network said, “We have been fervently pursuing our vision of delivering impactful, ethical and people-centric journalism. I’m extremely proud to see our efforts being recognized by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji. His acknowledgement is a huge source of motivation for us to continue doing what we do best and keep our viewers apprised about the inspiring stories of the nation.”