108 Media have acquired world sales rights on Lorni – The Flaneur from the award-winning documentary/non-fiction filmmaker and music producer, Wanphrang K Diengdoh.

The film stars Adil Hussain (Life of Pi, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, What Will People Say) as Shem, an out of work, self-styled detective who escapes the lethargy of small-town Shillong in northeast India when asked to investigate the disappearance of objects of great cultural value. Navigating narrow streets and dark alleys, he embarks on an emotional and mental journey, reflecting his own reality and that of his home. Lorni – The Flaneur is a compelling character study and narrative exploration of identity and belonging.

Lorni – The Flaneur is from a screenplay by Wanphrang and spotlights the Khasi society and their vibrant and rich storytelling and music traditions. ‘Lorni’ is a Khasi word that describes a person who’s highly inquisitive. The film is primarily in English and Khasi, with some Hindi; it was shot across the city of Shillong, in the North-Eastern state of Meghalaya, India.

Wanphrang K Diengdoh. Courtesy of 108 Media.

Wanphrang K Diengdoh, a stylish and seasoned documentarian, and music producer, with a cross-cultural background studying and working in the UK, makes his feature fiction film debut with LORNI. He describes the film as a “sonic and spiritual noir” which contains all of the hallmarks of Wanphrang’s filmmaking sensibilities: authenticity and realism that reflects his interests in the culture and politics of his homeland, scored to an entrancing soundtrack. In 2013, Wanphrang was awarded the Early Career Film Fellowship from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, for his documentary WHERE THE CLOUDS END, which focussed on tribal identity and border politics and screened at the United Nations World Urban Forum.

Lead actor Adil Hussain is one of India’s most respected and well-known actors and is perhaps best known to international audiences currently for his work in Delhi Crime – the anthology series by Richie Mehta that’s one of the top Netflix Originals series from India. Hussain is also guest-starring in the third season of Star Trek: Discovery later this year.

Of today’s announcement, Wanphrang commented, “I feel thoroughly humbled and excited, yet at the same time honoured that this is the first Khasi film set in Shillong that has been able to secure partners who will take this film global. Our Indian producer Sweety Pala and lead actor Adil Hussain have been mainstays for the project and I now look forward to this New Age noir being guided to the next level with our international producers, 108 Media.”

Justin Deimen, President – 108 Media adds: “Bringing unexpected gems like LORNI from a small corner of the world to a global audience is what 108 Media’s film business is all about. Wanphrang is an exceptionally talented director that we’ve been tracking for some time, with his bold vision and unique voice placing him amongst a special tier of filmmakers coming out of India. We’re blown away by how Wanphrang impressively pulled together such a tonally groovy film, with Adil Hussain’s mesmeric performance as its centerpiece.”

Lorni – The Flaneur is produced by Sweety Jane Pala (Maiti Pictures) and Justin Deimen (108 Media) with Abhi Rastogi executive producing for 108 Media. Associate producers are Jordan Nutson, Ryo Ebe, and Tyrel Lyngdoh. The project is co-produced by the India Foundation for the Arts and Reddur Productions.

108 Media will be producing Wanphrang’s next two films, ÏAW‐PAW (DEATH) and STORIES OF THE STREET, which are part of his Trauma Trilogy and are now in development. 108 Media will be commencing sales on Lorni around the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival.