OctaFX, a Forex broker providing online trading services, announced that it will produce a new trading show composed of six episodes on YouTube.

The stars of the show, which range from fashion influencers to television hosts, will teach the fundamentals of trading currencies on the foreign exchange market.

The star-studded cast includes Harris Annuar, Yasmin Hani, fashion influencer Andre Amir, content creator Rhys William, and celebrity fitness trainer, Kevin Zahri. Master trader Gero, will be the one teaching the five celebrities on how to trade. For practice, the group has chosen the OctaFX online Forex broker platform, which helps people trade from anywhere and anytime, even in the comforts of their home. There is much anticipation surrounding how these five celebrities will cooperate amongst each other and who will be able to perform best by the end of the series.

The informative series will be broken down into six episodes, totalling approximately two hours from start to finish. OctaFX and the five stars have stated that this isn’t necessarily a crash course, but a detailed breakdown and introduction on the fundamentals of Forex trading. As the recent pandemic has negatively impacted the lives of many, everyone is hoping that this can be a new career path for them or simply just another form of investment that will be able to generate supplementary income for them.

The funds earned by the celebrities during the show will be donated to a charity foundation in Malaysia which is still in the selection process.