Nitin Michael and Hasnaa Descuns, co-founders of newly-launched content distribution and production company SynProNize announce several deals for the romantic Indian thriller film, Kappela (Indian Malayalam). Their deals include one that sees movies now being streamed on Netflix as well.

Kappela was one of several films whose theatrical revenues were severely impacted due to the COVID-related lockdown across India and other markets internationally where it would have ideally been screened. In addition to responsibility for worldwide distribution, SynProNize monetised the movie further by ensuring that it received a digital window on Netflix first, before its scheduled release on iTunes and Google Play globally as part of their TVOD offering. They have also secured a deal to license the film’s linear broadcasting rights to Asianet, the top Malayalam TV channel owned by Star India (part of The Walt Disney Company).

Additionally, format rights have been finalized for Kappela in Telegu, aiming to further help the producers recover their production costs in a very challenging time. Synpronize will continue monetising Kappela by further licensing TVOD rights across various markets as well by marketing the Format rights for the film in other geographies outside of India.

Kappela tells the story of an accidental meeting that brings three people together for a dramatic turn in this romantic thriller. After falling into an over-the-phone romance with a rickshaw driver Vishnu, a young woman name Jessy visits his city when an encounter with a stranger named Roy derails their meeting. Anna Ben plays the character of Jessy while Roshan Mathew and Sreenath Bhasi play the roles of Vishnu and Roy, respectively. Tanvi Ram from famed-movie Ambili is also an important character. Sudhi Koppa, Sudheesh, Nisha Sarang, James Alia, Vijilesh, Naseer Samkranthi, and several theatre artists also form the cast.

Nitin Michael and Hasnaa Descuns stated: “We are very pleased that a global powerhouse platform Netflix decided to stream this film on their platform. The film got extremely positive responses from audiences in India and across the world which helped us further monetize it. These deals came as a welcome relief for producers of Kappela who like many others too have been struggling with recovering their investments in films that were released just before the lockdown hit theatres all across India due to COVID 19. At Synpronize, our aim is to continue to help content owners to maximize the monetization of content by taking it across multiple platforms and geographies thereby ensuring that they don’t have to rely only on the conventional modes of earning revenue for their productions” 

Kappela Producer Vishnu Venu said, “We are thrilled that SynProNize is taking our beloved movie Kappela to new audiences around the world, and eventually localizing the show. We are fortunate to have a really fantastic cast and compelling story that continues to receive rave reviews, and we appreciate Nitin and Hasnaa’s major support.”