Blue Ant Media, an international content producer, distributor, and channel operator, announced on 8 June that Smithsonian Channel will be launching in South Korea on the KT Skylife platform as part of ongoing efforts to expand the brand’s footprint internationally. This news comes shortly after launching in Hong Kong and achieving great success introducing the channel’s diverse slate of premium non-fiction programming to several new markets globally.

Inspired by the prestigious Smithsonian Institution—the largest museum, education, and research complex in the world—Smithsonian Channel remains a preeminent voice in media that viewers can trust. With a limitless scope of awe-inspiring stories, subjects, and worlds to explore, this is the destination for powerful documentaries and award-winning factual entertainment created for traditional and emerging platforms worldwide. Smithsonian Channel continues to break new ground with creative ideas, formats, and genres that redefine non-fiction programming.

Smithsonian Channel will be available on Skylife’s Basic and BizOn Package on Channel 125 from 9 June 2020, on both linear and video-on-demand services starting at 8,800 Korean Won per month. Skylife currently services over 4.2 million households in South Korea.

“We are thrilled to launch the Smithsonian Channel on Skylife. It is a challenging time to expand the brand with a pandemic going on, but we are confident in the quality of content we are offering and very fortunate to have KT Skylife feeling the same,” said Beatrice Lee, CEO of Blue Ant Media Asia Pacific. “Smithsonian Channel’s content has complex narratives and characters, open-ended questions, and still-unsolved mysteries that resonate with what our modern audience wants from their entertainment experience. We look forward to feeding Skylife’s audience’s curiosity and enrich their minds.”

This deal was facilitated by LYD, Blue Ant Media’s exclusive channel distributor in Korea. CEO of LYD Joon Lee said, “The depth, quality, and educational positioning of the Smithsonian channel is something LYD has always recognized as a strong proposition for this market so we are incredibly excited for its very first launch in Korea on Skylife.”

Skylife viewers can now enjoy documentaries spanning across a wide range of genres such as air and space, history, science, nature, and pop culture. A sampling of the titles includes Sports Detectives, which brings viewers on a hunt for items that are missing and truths from history’s greatest games; Coronavirus: Into the Red Zone, a comprehensive and compelling look at the devastating impact of coronavirus on the people of the hardest-hit city, Italy; Aerial Cities, which takes viewers on a thrilling flight across busy cityscapes and quiet landscapes; Air Warriors, an in-depth look into the origins and engineering of the most iconic military aircraft that have revolutionized aerial warfare.

For more information, visit the Smithsonian Channel website.