Mediacorp has acquired 52 episodes of Magic Eye Is Back and will premiere on the Chinese channel, from 6 June onwards, every Saturday at 10:30 a.m.

Magic Eye is Back is the latest spin-off from Magic Eye The Wonder Boy series. This spin-off series is co-produced by CCTV and Zhejiang Zhongnan Animation (also known as Zoland Animation) in 2017 and was aired on CCTV-14, the children channel. In 2019, it has reached an average TV rating of 1.28 percent, an all-day highest TV rating. On YOUKU, the China OTT platform, it has received 9.1 high scores and reached 140 million clicks within two months.

For those that do not know about Magic Eye, he is no average boy but one from Outer Space! In the past, he has travelled to earth and gotten to know some earthlings who bonded as friends. His new-found friends are fascinated by him and his magical powers. Together, they have been through many exciting moments. Sadly, he left Earth but promised his buddies that he will return to earth one day.

In this new season, he returns to earth to reunite with his buddies, and once again, they will encounter many adventures and overcome daily challenges.

In the pilot episode, Lena was burdened by her school exams because her parents have high expectations on her. She learns how to cope with her anxiety with the help of Magic Eye.

She also chooses to lend a helping hand to her friends despite her exam stress.

“I am delighted that Magic Eye Is Back series is returning to Mediacorp’s TV channels,” said  Samantha Wong, Head of Global Division, Zoland Distribution. “This show inspires children to establish good character traits and contains subtle lessons on how to deal with daily issues in a positive manner, both at home and at school.”