TAIWAN – The Holy Ridge

Join Ryan and his team as they venture to Taiwan and make their way to the central region to explores some of the island’s magical peaks. The Holy Ridge, in central Taiwan, is an absolutely stunning, 6-day traverse that takes you along the dragon’s spine, a journey that is almost entirely over 3000m above sea-level in the Sheipa National Park. It is an epic hike and not one for the faint-heated with a number of cliffs to be negotiated and razor like ridges to be crossed.


Join Ryan and his team as they explore the city of Davao, meeting local people and getting a feel for travel and life in the Philippines before heading south to climb the country’s highest mountain, Mount Apo (3,146m). In the Philippines, Mt. Apo is the highest point, making it the Grand Father of all Philippine Mountains and the dream mountain of every Filipino mountaineer.


Join Ryan as he explores the spiritual side of the tropical island of Bali. He’ll connect with some interesting characters there before heading out on foot to do what few people have done, walk through the remote jungle highlands of central Bali. The tropical island provides a beautiful backdrop for a great adventure including jungle, hidden temples, active volcanos, local village alcohol, and a very strange cemetery.

While travel may be on pause right now, feast your eyes and explore the most breathtaking treks in Asia with ‘Expedition Asia with Ryan Pyle’ on Discovery Channel.