Emmy Award-winning French animation production and distribution company Dandelooo is pleased to announce sales for the new 2D animation series Stinky Dog, commissioned by France Televisions.

Onboard to give Stinky Dog a home is China’s leading digital distribution & IP management company Jesten Huashi, children’s Spanish pay TV channelCanal Panda and Danish pubcaster DR TV.

The 52 x 13’ irresistible slapstick series targeted at six to ten-year-olds, follows the comical and hectic adventures of a maverick mutt Stinky Dog and his flattened best friend Flatty Cat, a couple of oddballs who live in a garbage can.

Co-produced by Dandelooo, Folivari, France (Didier & Damien Brunner), Belgian production company Panique! (Patar & Aubier) and Catalan animation studio Pikkukala (Pablo Jordi), Stinky Dog is based on the famous series of books written by Colas Gutman, illustrated by Marc Boutavant andpublished by l’ecole des loisirs.

Stinky Dog and his friend Flatty Cat are a couple of misfits who live in a trash can.  Our ordered, narrow-minded society regards them as nobodies, as down-and-outs, invisible. Stinky Dog feels no hatred towards those who reject him.  He likes living in his trash can, surrounded by his friends.  It’s his natural habitat and he aspires to nothing else.  Well, like everyone else, he does want to find love and sometimes tries to go on vacation.  But because he acts a little too fast and in haste, he isn’t the world’s greatest thinker, his quests are always complicated and only accentuate his eccentricity.  During his wild and hairy pursuits, he sends hypocrites flying and knocks thieves for six… even if it’s usually only through his own clumsiness.