Furthermore, Viu Thailand users will be the first audience to enjoy exclusive online access to GMM 25 and GMM MUSIC content within just two hours of its initial broadcast on local TV channels. Shows featuring top artists from GMM MUSIC will be made exclusively available on Viu 45 days before appearing on any other service platform, and primetime TV dramas from GMM 25 and CHANGE2561 will now appear on Viu 30 days before being broadcasted by any other service platform.


Mr. Thawatvongse Silamanonda, Country Manager of Viu Thailand, said, “We are committed to providing premium content, which is why we have been pursuing partnership opportunities with GMM, Thailand’s leading media and entertainment group. The result isthat we are able to serve up local programming that resonates well with our highly-engaged users in Thailand.”


Mr. Silamanonda added, “Viu regards this partnership as a win-win growth strategy by which we expand our audience, while GMM is able to reach its Gen Z and millennial viewers via digital screens from our platform. The tie-up also provides Viu with an opportunity to help develop the Thai entertainment ecosystem.”