SGplayer 3.0 includes improved privacy controls for users. Of particular interest to media companies serving European and Californian listeners, new tools for GDPR and CCPA compliance allow SGplayer’s targeted advertising to be disabled based on user preferences. Users who accept the use of cookies will receive relevant ads based on their location and demographics, while those who deny permission will receive general ads. As with previous releases, the new SGplayer synchronizes on-screen banner ads with audio spots and also integrates with both server-side and client-side ad insertion ecosystems.


The new enhancements augment existing, advanced SGplayer features including:


  • Support for both HLS and ICY protocols for HTTP-based delivery
  • Automatic fallback from AAC to MP3 live audio streams for compatibility with older devices
  • Authentication of tokenized streams to ensure user entitlement
  • Neilsen SDK integration for enhanced online audience measurement
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • A customer-hosted persistent player option for enterprise clients wishing to combine SGplayer even more closely with their own custom development


SGplayer 3.0 is available immediately.