Pioneering SaaS-based streaming and podcast solutions provider StreamGuys announced a significant new version of its SGplayer HTML5-based multimedia player. Enhancements in SGplayer 3.0 include a fully redesigned user interface; greater continuity between desktop and mobile experiences; and additional GDPR and CCPA compliance tools for media enterprises leveraging targeted advertising.


Hosted and managed by StreamGuys, SGplayer offers content providers such as broadcasters and podcast publishers an attractive, full-featured, multi-format media player that they can easily embed into their websites to present live streams and on-demand content to their audiences.


The most immediately noticeable improvement in version 3.0 of SGplayer is its dramatically overhauled look and feel. SGplayer 3.0’s new interface puts the visual focus more heavily on the branding and artwork of the broadcast station or podcast while more cleanly integrating additional elements such as song metadata and advertising. Supplemental functionality such as stream or episode selection – always visible on-screen in earlier versions – has been moved into collapsible menus to minimize distractions and streamline the user experience.


The navigational improvements make it simpler for visitors to switch between multiple live streams offered by a station, or to find particular podcasts offered by a media publisher. Rather than scrolling through lists of available content, users can now search amongst stream sources and podcast episodes to find the content they are interested in. SGplayer 3.0 also unifies the user experience across desktop browsers and mobile devices into a single, fully responsive interface design. Previously offered as separate but similar desktop and mobile versions, the SGplayer 3.0 features a single player URL for customers to embedwithin their websites that automatically adapts to each audience member’s device.