Facing the most extreme conditions, the children in The Most Dangerous Ways To School must march, climb or swim their way to school. In doing so, they fear neither brutal cold nor dangerous terrain. Everyday routine meets the spectacular in this fascinating series, which captivates through a unique mixture of breath-taking scenery, enormous struggle and danger coupled with childlike curiosity, happiness and inquisitiveness.


They face wild animals, climb up mountainous paths; fight their way through icy wastelands or under the merciless sun of the desert.  They persevere through all this with only one goal in sight: a better life.  These children have the most spectacular and most dangerous ways to school in the world!


German media company High View Group has also acquired the fascinating documentary series Planet School (3 x 60’) produced by MAXIMUS FILM.  The series takes viewers to the most extraordinary schools around the globe, visiting places where education is anything but boring.  Planet School follows youngsters on an ordinary school day, peeking into their world – their microcosms from navigating around a school with 47,000 students, to showing what punishment is handed out from a Russian teacher for fooling around and a school without teachers – is that even possible? Does that exist?