41 entertainment LLC (41E) announced a second project in YA animation in the science fiction space with Roswell Conspiracies.


The Company created the project in-house, owns exclusive, global, multimedia, animation rights and plans 8 hourly episodes (8 x 44’) first season.


Monsters aren’t real, but aliens are. And the creatures that humans call vampires, werewolves, ghosts and goblins are actually different species of extraterrestrials – most of whom are peaceful and able to pass as human beings. They live among us, hiding in plain sight. However, there are some aliens that are more horrible and bloodthirsty than any monster of myth or legend. These dangerous creatures are hunted by a cohort of humans and aliens who work for a top-secret multinational organization known as the ALLIANCE.


It’s been 20 years since the Alliance locked up the last of the enemy aliens, leaving the peaceful extraterrestrials to further assimilate and forge new lives alongside their human neighbors and friends. The Alliance has shrunk in size and scope, leaving a bare-bones team in charge of maintaining the ruse of “Area 51” – and an aging team of complacent guards to watch over their alien prisoners. But then a so-called internet “joke” changed everything. This summer over 2 million users RSVP’d to a Facebook invitation to “Storm Area 51 (they can’t stop all of us)”.