Dutch FilmWorks (DFW), one of the largest independent distributors of filmed entertainment in the Benelux region, announced the official launch of its new international sales division DFW International.


Dutch FilmWorks has formed DFW International as a result of the company’s commitment to investing in local film and TV productions, acting as a co-producer or financier for titles such as The Resistance Banker and Undercover, the first Dutch language series exclusively available on Netflix worldwide.


DFW International will focus exclusively on the worldwide sales of TV Drama Series, Feature Films, Documentaries and Kids Programming, creating a unique window to showcase some of the finest productions emanating from the vibrant Benelux region.


The new operation is spearheaded by Angela Pruijssers, VP International Sales and Distribution.  Also forming part of the sales team is Charlotte Henskens, Director International Sales, who joined recently from Fortissimo Films.

As MIPCOM approaches DFW International will be unveiling a selection of gripping titles such as crime dramas Women of the Night(10 x 45’) a Dutch series with international allure, set in the world of high-class escort and crime, Stanley (4 x 50’) based on the life of one of the most infamous criminals in the Netherlands, Stanley Hillis, who went from bank robber to hardened drugs criminal, The Art Dispute (8 x 50’), a thought-provoking documentary series examining the topical issue surrounding stolen art and artefacts, questioning ownership and historical legacy, and an endearing kid’s animation The Daily Fable (4 x 25’) which follows the hilarious adventures of  a motley crew of feathered and furry animal inhabitants who live in Fableland.