cid:image001.jpg@01D5694E.5BD35600Discovery Program Sales, the program licensing arm of Discovery, Inc., the global leader in real-life entertainment, announced that they are distributing worldwide media rights for the five-part television series Mysterious Planet.

The series, which comes from award-winning director Andrew Murray, follows an epic journey to the ends of the earth to unlock the greatest mysteries behind the world’s most incredible species. The revolutionary series takes audiences to five unique and fascinating locations, highlighting the incredible wildlife that could only be found there.

From the lush forests of Indonesia and the arid Andean deserts, to the Caribbean and highlands of Ethiopia, each episode of Mysterious Planet embarks on a new adventure, revealing the beauty of these locations and how and why the wildlife unique to that location exists. The locations visited in these hour-long episodes include the Wallacea Islands off the costs of Asia and Australia, the coral reefs of the Caribbean Sea, the Great Rift Valley of Africa, the Andes of South America and Brazil’s Atlantic Forest. The incredible footage used to unearth these locations allows viewers to encounter the world’s most spectacular creatures.

Discovery Program Sales is thrilled to have Mysterious Planet in its catalogue. The team will be presenting the series among its other programs at MIPCOM 2019 on October 14-17 in Cannes, France.