Singapore consumers overwhelmingly agree that digital technology has positively impacted their lives, according to the State of Digital Lifestyles research report from Limelight Networks, a leading provider of edge cloud services. The survey of consumers in nine countries including Singapore shows that digital devices now play a larger role in their daily activities, but performance frustrations and security concerns remain.


Majority of Singaporeans are addicted to their mobile phone. The survey shows that 49 percent of Singapore consumers are not willing to give up the use of their mobile phone for even one day. Only 3 percent would give them up permanently.


Comparatively, while the adoption of smart home assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home is on the rise, Singapore consumers are not heavily reliant on the devices. 24 percent of Singapore consumers today own a smart home assistant, up 65 percent in the last year, but 63 percent of users would be willing to give them up for a week or more.