Indonesia and Singapore lead retention rates

Acquiring new users cost more than retaining existing ones, and as the mobile app economy grows, mobile marketers focus on customer re-engagement and retention. In Southeast Asia, the average daily retention for different app categories varies from country to country; a reflection of the Southeast Asia’s diversity in consumer wants and needs.

Singaporeans are heavy social media users and have the highest mobile retention rate in the region. In Singapore, 83% of the population are active social media users, in comparison to 42% on average in SEA.

Mobile measurement company, Adjust covered the period from January through December 2018.  The data examines the average daily retention, defined as the percentage of users who come back to use the app on a specific day. Indonesia has the highest Day one retention rate at 24%, but by day 30, this drops to 6%. Singapore, however, has the second highest retention rate at 22%, but on day 30 has an 8% retention rate.


Southeast Asia’s manifold prospects

Contrary to the common perception that iOS users spend more money (US$21.40 more per transaction), Liftoff’s data suggests that, within Southeast Asia, this is the opposite. Android users not only cost 1 percent less than their iOS counterparts but also purchase at a higher rate (2.19% on Android vs. 1.81% on iOS). The data suggest that the Android consumer segment within SEA is a global ‘exception’, or – considering the market’s potential – perhaps the new ‘normal’.


Another significant area of opportunity is mobile shopping platforms. This is as acquiring mobile users who install, register, and purchase in shopping apps costs less in Southeast Asia compared to the rest of the world. Purchasing rates mirror the global benchmark (7 percent), signalling that the region is on par with the rest of the world when it comes to spending money on mobile.


Social media affinity


While the usage of mainstream social media is predicted to decline in North America, in Southeast Asia, it is on the rise. According to eMarkerter 2017 Facebook lost 2.8 million us users under the age of 25 in the U.S., however as of 2018, The new 2018 Global Digital suite reported that Philippines had the highest rate of social media users in the world, 75% of the Singaporean population are active internet users, and according to We Are Social’s Digital 2017 report, the number of active social media users in Southeast Asia grew to 31% in a year with over half the population in SEA on social media. Liftoff’s data shows that Social Networking is the stickiest app category based on the average day 30 retention rate, preceded only by Entertainment and Gaming.