In Australia, the format’s first season on Seven Network consistently ranked as the top one or two series for the night with key demos across its run. In the UK, all 6 premieres on Channel 4 ranked #1 in their timeslot with all 16-34s. In Spain, the format ranked #2 in its time slot on Antena 3 with Women 16-54 and all 25-44s. In the Netherlands, it ranked as the #2 most watched channel among A25-54. The premiere seasons of Seven Year Switch in the UK, Australia, and Spain each averaged 1 million total viewers or more.


Seven years marks a point in many romances when couples find themselves restless and dissatisfied; some even wonder what it would be like if they had picked a different partner. Seven Year Switch lets them find out as it follows the journeys of couples at a breaking point. Each of the couples participate in an innovative experiment known as “switch therapy” in which they swap partners and take part in experimental relationships with a stranger for two weeks. It is the ultimate social experiment to determine whether absence really does make the heart grow fonder.