The telenovela The Other Side of Paradise, one of Globo’s flagships for NATPE 2019, is scheduled to premiere in March, on STV’s prime time, in Mozambique. The fast-paced plot with its irresistible links created by Walcyr Carrasco, winner of the International Emmy Awards (‘Hidden Truths’), peaked the interest of the African country’s main broadcast channel, a long-standing partner of the Brazilian network.

With an average daily reach of about 50 million viewers during Brazil’s prime time, The Other Side of Paradise revolves around the story of Clara (Bianca Bin, Precious Pearl), a simple country girl who falls madly in love with the handsome Gael (Sergio Guizé, Forever and Ever). What begins as a fairy tale ends as a nightmare: Clara has her baby taken away and ends up in a psychiatric facility. Betrayed and humiliated, Clara turns it around and returns as a powerful and rich woman ten years later, thirsty for justice and revenge.

Full of twists and turns, the plot won over the audience from its debut to the end. In its last episode, seven out of 10 households watching TV were tuned in to the telenovela. More than 62 million Brazilians watched Clara’s triumphant victory, when she reconciles with her son and gives love another chance. ‘The Other Side of Paradise’ conquered the Portuguese audience as well. The production was aired by SIC and led the ratings for its time slot.