“EON brings together television content and the services and application as delivered by Android TV making any TV a smart TV,” said Victoriya Boklag, CEO and VP Marketing and Media of United Group. “To ensure a successful launch and a seamless platform, we needed the right partners. In content protection, the ability to support an Android TV deployment including multi-DRM security on all devices was key and NAGRA’s line of Conax solutions perfectly met our requirements.”

Conax cardless solution is based on the highly flexible, robust Conax Contego unified security back-end. Part of the NAGRA content protection portfolio of advanced and off-the-shelf security solutions, Conax Contego is developed for seamless support and integration of all major distribution technologies and formats including UHD/4K, smart cards, cardless, next generation IPTV security, advanced multi-DRM / OTT services and new hybrid network combinations.