SÃO PAULO – Globo has just licensed three plots from its 2018 catalog to Latin American group Albavisión, of which the titles are Rock Story, Edge of Desire and The Big Catch. The telenovelas are some of the company’s highlights for the 2018 NATPE Budapest and will air in Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Peru and Paraguay.


A longtime partner of Globo, the Albavisión Group is a large player in the Latin America region and has invested in Brazilian dramaturgy for many years, having licensed the limited series The Party, as well as the International Emmy Awards-winning telenovelas Hidden Truths (2016), Empire (2015) and Precious Pearl (2014).


Rock Story tells the story of the impulsive Gui Santiago (Vladimir Brichta, Above Justice), a washed-up rock star who needs to reinvent himself after his career and personal life fall apart. With an interesting plot and charismatic and flawed characters, the telenovela tells a story of music, romance and transformation that took Brazilian viewers by storm.


A success in ratings, the plot recorded an average daily reach of 37 million viewers while it was aired on broadcast TV in Brazil. Rock Story has also attracted attention in the international market, having already been licensed to the Dori Media Group in Israel, the MBC Group in Dubai to be aired in countries of the Middle East and North Africa, and to the TCS Group in El Salvador.


The second production licensed by Albavisión is Edge of Desire, which tells the captivating and modern story of three women of different personalities, whose fates are intertwined by a common trait, the strength to fight for what they desire. Written by award-winning author Gloria Perez (India: A Love Story, The Clone), the telenovela swept Brazilian audiences off their feet with a sensitive approach towards human dramas and modern-day issues.


In Brazil, the plot recorded an average daily reach of 48 million viewers. Over 65 million Brazilians tuned in to watch the last episode – 7 out of 10 households watching TV were tuned into the last chapter, breaking its ratings record once again. Countries such as Bulgaria, Uruguay, Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile have already bet on Edge of Desire. The telenovela also aired on SIC in Portugal, leading the ratings in its time slot.


Meanwhile, the romantic police comedy The Big Catch starts with a flustered millionaire theft in a luxury hotel in Rio de Janeiro. With lots of action scenes, the telenovela discusses ethical and moral values through a light and high-spirited approach.


In Brazil, The Big Catch recorded an average daily reach of 38 million viewers on Globo’s Access Prime Time. The telenovela was also a hit in Portugal and recently premiered in Bulgaria, on the BTV Lady cable TV network.