WASHINGTON  –  Love Nature, a joint venture with Blue Ant Media and Smithsonian Networks, has announced the greenlight and pre-production of its latest commission, Dogs with Extraordinary Jobs.


The series is co-produced by the award-winning team at Oxford Scientific Films, in association with Positively, world-renowned dog trainer Victoria Stilwell’s company.


Dogs with Extraordinary Jobs will take viewers around the world as narrator Stilwell introduces a number of inspiring stories that reveal how dogs’ natural abilities are being harnessed in creative and beneficial ways by scientists, rescuers and the disadvantaged to improve lives, increase safety and maintain the health and biodiversity of our planet.


With four animal stories presented in each episode, production will take place across a number of shooting locations in the USA, United Kingdom, Europe and Africa.


Dogs with Extraordinary Jobs will launch in the US market on 4K digital streaming service, Smithsonian Earth and via Love Nature’s 4K linear and international streaming platforms. Blue Ant International oversees the five-part series’ licensing, which will be available for pre-sale at Sunny Side of the Doc this June.


“Love Nature is committed to bringing audiences all over the world stories that will create an emotional connection between them and the stars of our series. What better way to establish this than by showcasing man’s best friend and revealing how their innate skills and intuition can make a big impact on the world,” said Carlyn Staudt, EVP, Love Nature Programming & Development.


“When Victoria came to us with the idea for Dogs With Extraordinary Jobs, we immediately saw its potential.  We are delighted that Love Nature shared our vision and we are thrilled to embark on this exciting series, celebrating dogs and the extraordinary relationship we enjoy with them,” said Caroline Hawkins, Creative Director, Oxford Scientific Films.


Dogs with Extraordinary Jobs will astonish even the most passionate dog-lover, spotlighting brilliant canines of all breeds, shapes and sizes that are out in the world every day saving lives and the environment.


The series’ science and conservation stories aim to open doors into new worlds and allow audiences to explore the latest studies being conducted at home and abroad. Highlights of storylines include:


  • Gracie, the Canine Park Ranger, uses her natural-born herding skills to protect goats, deer and sheep from high traffic areas in Montana’s Glacier National Park. She also herds grizzlies to ensure a safe distance between tourists and wildlife. Gracie’s story allows viewers to explore the natural connection between the brown bear and the domestic dog whose DNA is 98.8 percent wolf


  • In airports and seaports across Africa, specially-trained sniffer dogs catch poachers as they attempt to smuggle rhino horns out of the continent. Filming includes real footage of these amazing creatures as they sniff out contraband and help crack down on illegal rhino poaching in Kenya


  • Spaniels Stig and Lola are apart of a scientific study to monitor endangered water voles. In order to protect the remaining populations of water voles, scientists need to know where remaining populations live as locating them can be challenging because they live in dense vegetation near waterways. Stig and Lola are able to seek them out to be counted


  • Therapeutic assistance dog Ricochet surfs with adults and children with disabilities, wounded warriors and veterans with PTSD. Most recently, she joined a team of therapy dogs that are now helping autistic children learn how to swim. Her trainer Judy calls her a “profound paws-on healer”

Dogs with Extraordinary Jobs is created, executive produced and written by Caroline Hawkins and Victoria Stilwell. The series is directed by Sean McDonnell and David Warren. Anna Brett is Head of Production. Haley Smith is the Series Producer.  Alison Barrat, VP, Development & Production will oversee the series on behalf of Love Nature.