PHILIPPINES – Award-winning Filipino actress Barbie Forteza returns to primetime via GMA Network’s latest show Inday Will Always Love You. Produced by GMA News and Public Affairs, the newest rom-com series also showcases the unique beauty and rich culture of Cebu.


Inday Will Always Love You paints the stories of Cebuanos and of Filipino families as seen through the eyes of the Manileña girl Happylou Magtibay, played by Forteza. A bubbly and optimistic girl, Inday Happylou is a lechon store assistant whose life makes a topsy-turvy turn when she makes a career move away from Manila in search for her father in Cebu.


Sharing her excitement over her upcoming primetime series, Forteza has said that Inday Will Always Love You is the “perfect project” for her after the success of her last series Meant to Be.


Joining Forteza is Derrick Monasterio who plays Patrick, a rich Cebuano bachelor. Inday Will Always Love You marks the return of this popular on-screen couple, after their successful team-up in The Half Sisters. Meanwhile, playing Forteza’s good friend in the show Ernest is actor Juancho Trivino.


Adding color to Happylou’s journey of love and family drama are some of the country’s veteran actors led by Ricky Davao, Manilyn Reynes, Nova Villa, and Tina Paner. Viewers can also look forward to the characters of Kim Rodriguez and Super Tekla as well as the all-grown up “Lumen Twins” Charisse and Charlotte Hermoso.


Inday Will Always Love You also features New Zealand-based Filipino vlogger and internet star Kimpoy Feliciano, as well as character actor Buboy Villar, and artistes Mzhayt and Price Tagg.


At the helm of this upcoming series are directors Monti Parungao and Rember Gelera, with head writers Zig Dulay and Nathan Arciaga.


Inday Will Always Love You airs on GMA’s flagship international channel, GMA Pinoy TV. The program guide can be found at