The 20 studios support three over-the-air TV channels from its automation system (plus separate cable/satellite feeds), eight FM stations, and seven pure internet radio feeds, with plans to grow to 40 studios as more TV and radio stations are added. Each studio has its own Dante-enabled DHD audio 52/XC2 Core digital signal processor and localized switch to the Dante network, which enables a highly efficient way to share content while also fortifying network redundancy. The DHD audio solutions also accommodate MADI-to-Dante conversion in the TV studios.


The TV studios add Dante-enabled AVT MAGIC THipPro IP telephone hybrids. Each unit supports 16 hybrids with a hybrid output to support intercom, IFB, field reporters, and live callers over recorded hotlines. Blum adds that the Dante-enabled AVT solution added a significant cost savings to the project.