PORTLAND, OR – The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation (IPBC) commenced broadcasting on May 15,2017, to succeed the former Israeli Broadcast Authority (IBA), the 70-year old state TV and radio broadcaster that abruptly ceased broadcasting earlier in the month. The creation of the new network, publicly known as KAN, inspired a new technical design to the workflow and infrastructure that was completed in the ensuing months.


A key design strategy from Israeli systems integration firm Broadcast Design LTD was to establish an IT backbone for all technical systems and operations – with a Dante Audio over IP network from Audinate supporting all low-latency, multichannel audio transport for TV and radio. In addition to simplifying signal management and routing, enhancing audio quality and strengthening redundancy, Dante significant reduced labor and equipment costs – by upwards of $30,000.


According to Blum, the project uses more than 200 Dante Virtual Soundcards, which are installed on multiple PC workstations across more than 20 studios and on multiple news, editing and production desks. The Dante Virtual Soundcards operate inconjunction with 32 off-the-shelf IT servers to support the network’s Audisi-One Automation system. Additionally, Dante modules have been added to the facility’s DHD audio 52/RX console and associated 52/XC2 Cores for digital signal processing.Since the DHD audio has dedicated Audinate modules, operators have the flexibility to send audio from Dante Virtual Soundcards throughout the building within seconds, as well as directly to the broadcast console from any PC on the network. Operators also use the Dante network to send audio to live streaming encoders.