SINGAPORE – Vuulr Pte Ltd, a global marketplace and digital supply chain platform for the TV & Film content industry, announced their partnership with the Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA), an international trade body for the entertainment content industry, to launch EMA Asia. This partnership enables Vuulr to bring EMA’s standards, specifications and best practices to the doorstep of content owners in the Asian region. The agreement will cover China, India, Japan, South Korea, and South East Asia.

The EMA provides core specifications for standardising MetaData1 about content assets and Avails data containing rights availability – usually required by content buyers from producers. Currently the industry in Asia does not operate under a single cohesive standard, which hinders efforts to export film and TV content globally. The adoption of EMA’s recommended best practices opens up global markets for Asian content producers. This removes the friction in delivery of content, enabling it at a lower cost and greater speed for both buyers and sellers (producers), than current analogue practices allow.