New York, NY – A+E Networks has announced a worldwide broadcasting first – the HISTORY OF FOOTBALLa 14-day, 24/7, mega television event, running from May 28 to June 10, 2018. It is set to broadcast on HISTORY, and capture the anticipation and excitement of the 2018 World Cup.


HISTORY OF FOOTBALL will air in over 160 territories around the world including in Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom; as well as across Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia.  Every major territory will present over 40 hours of content which will be a blend of global and local programming.


As part of the 14-day programming event, HISTORY will present a slate of original, globally-focused premium documentary series as well as short form specials, complemented by a careful curation of World Cup films. HISTORY channels around the world will also broadcast locally-sourced television series and documentaries that will offer a unique lens into each country’s particular passions for football. Supported by Villa and many other established players, coaches, journalists and experts, HISTORY OF FOOTBALL will be a deep exploration of the sport from multiple perspectives.


In addition, HISTORY OF FOOTBALL will give fans extraordinary opportunities to engage with HISTORY in new and exciting ways. Social media activations including polls, Q+A with experts, discussions, and interactions with local football brands will help inspire entire countries to join the conversation to debate and share opinions on some of the most influential players, managers and moments in the game’s history.



At the heart of HISTORY OF FOOTBALL are global, original, premium series, including:


History’s Greatest Moments in Football (5 x 60’) chronicles the teams and players in recent World Cup history, whose skills and achievements transcended their sport to represent something far greater to fans and non-fans alike, and fueled the sport’s unstoppable growth into the commercial behemoth we know today.  Episodes include: 1. Pele and the Boys from Brazil and Argentina; 2.Pavarotti, Gazza and the Lions of Cameroon; 3. The Three Musketeers, 4. Bring Me the Head of Diego Armando Maradona, and 5. Seven Goals That Shook the World. Each reveals the stories behind football’s most incredible and significant moments with the players, coaches and fans who made them happen. Episodes 1, 2 and 3 are produced by Goalhanger Films;  4 and 5 are produced by North One Television.


Football Godfathers (5 x 60’) presents five powerful documentaries delving into the minds and strategies of the world’s greatest and most revered club managers, revealing how they rose – often from relatively undistinguished playing careers – to become the global superstars of the sport we know today. Each of the five titans of our modern game is profiled in an intimate and honest portrayal of their achievements, both on and off the field using archival and interview material with the people and players who know them best.  Produced by Zig Zag Productions.


Football’s Greatest: Head to Head (5 x 30’) matches up the greatest players of yesteryear with the greatest of today, to find out once and for all, who is the greatest of them all.  Every generation has an opinion on who is the world’s greatest player. For the older generation, it’s Pele, Puskas, Eusebio, Di Stefano or Charlton. For today’s generation, it’s all about Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi or David Villa vs. Thomas Müller.  And for those of us in between, it’s a discussion of the respective talents of Maradona, Zidane, Gullit or Van Basten.  With an expert panel of World Cup players and winners, and using hard science of statistics, as well as the romance of style and passion, this series will set out to resolve the most vexing question in sport.  Produced by Goalhanger Films.



No matter where you watch HISTORY OF FOOTBALL around the world, there will be local programming particularly focused on that respective market.  The local content will hone in on the cultural nuances which drive the passion for the game for some of football’s most avid fanbases. Below is a small glimpse of the localized programming set to roll out: