And the third episode shows the case of friends Rose (Jessica Ellen, ‘Total Dreamer’) and Debora (Luisa Arraes, ‘Ambitious Women’). The first is arrested with friend’s drugs, while the second is released. After forced maturity in prison, Rose will help Debora take revenge on the man who raped her while they were apart.


With an original and provocative narrative, featuring independent but interconnected stories, ‘Above Justice’ is part of Globo’s new breed of series and miniseries, providing a fresh take on the dramas portrayed. In this case, the work incites audiences to reflect about human issues and moral values when faced with extreme situations. To what lengths can we go in the name of justice?


While it aired in Brazil, the miniseries had a daily reach of approximately 41 million viewers, and a total reach of approximately 134 million viewers. In addition to Adriana Esteves (‘Brazil Avenue’) and Marina Ruy Barbosa (‘Total Dreamer’), the miniseries’ star-studded cast also features actors such as Cauã Reymond (‘Brazil Avenue’), Leandra Leal (‘Empire’) and Drica Moraes (‘Hidden Truths’), among others.