Over the next ten weeks, BBC Pashto will feature a series of children’s bedtime stories, Lallo Lallo (Lullaby). The digital series will be available on the BBC Pashto digital platforms and will be aired on Shamshad TV in Afghanistan and Mashriq TV in Pakistan.

From Friday 8 December, the ten-part series of five-minute stories, written and presented by the BBC’s Najiba Kasraee, will be aired in weekly instalments.  Each episode will be published on BBC Pashto digital platforms at 14.00 GMT and will air on Shamshad TV and Mashriq TV immediately after the BBC Pashto TV programme, BBC Naray Da Wakht (BBC World Right Now). 


BBC Afghan service Editor, Meena Baktash, comments:  “Our new series is for very young viewers to enjoy and learn from – and also for their mothers who, we hope, will become active consumers of our programmes and content.”


The project lead, BBC Pashto Digital Editor, Ismail Miakhail, adds: “There is a clear shortage of content in Pashto for young children.  With this new series, using engaging and visually appealing stories, we are reaching out to an underserved and new audience.”